The Abuse Reporters Take Covering Trump

If you are a Reporter covering theDonald Trump campaign, there is a good bet that you will be subject to abuse from Trump supporters andfrom Trump himself.

Especially if you're female.

The Washington Post writes about the abuse that Reporters covering Trump are taking and they point out just some of the things that Trump has said about the female Reporters.

The list of female journalists and commentators who’ve been verbally roughed up by Trump include Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin (“one of the truly bad reporters”); New York Times reporters Amy Chozick and Maggie Haberman (“third-rate reporters”); CNN pundits S.E. Cupp and Ana Navarro (“two of the dumbest people in politics”); Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington (“liberal clown”); Forbes writer Clare O’Connor (“dummy”); MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt (“poor and purposely inaccurate reporting”); CNN host Alisyn Camerota (“disaster”); Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin (“one of the dumber bloggers”); NPR’s Cokie Roberts (“kooky”); NBC News reporter Katy Tur (“Dishonest!”); and CNN reporter Sara Murray (“absolutely terrible”).

Of course there is Megyn Kelly ("Bimbo") and others as well.

Trump supporters are also not kid to the press.

The Post writes thatwhen security personnel ordered reporters to wait outside in the cold because of a brief mix-up before one of Trump’s appearan­ces here last week, the gaggle of journalists drew a few catcalls from the hundreds of supporters who had lined up to get into the event. “Let ’em freeze,” someone called from the line. The crowd laughed.

This is mild, even inconsequential, compared with what other journalists have experienced while reporting on Trump.

Sopan Deb, a videographer and digital journalist for CBS News, tweeted that he was asked by a Trump supporter “if I was taking pictures for ISIS” as he recorded a rally in Reno, Nev., last month. When Deb, who is of South Asian heritage, looked surprised at the question, the man said, “Yeah, I’m talking to you,” and repeated the accusation multiple times.

“I told him, politely, I was with CBS and that what he said was inappropriate,” wrote Deb. “He said, ‘This is America. . . . Be glad that you’re here.’ I have a couple guesses what he meant by that. The best part is that the man — an apparent Vietnam vet — started filming me with his cell — as if he really thought I was filming for ISIS.”

Added Deb, “This isn’t first time this has happened. At last month’s rally in Vegas, [a] man came up to me to [say] ‘Go back to Iraq!’ I’ve never been!”