O'Reilly Blasts CNN and Stelter thinks it's Because of Him

Wow! Talk about two giant egos.

Bill O'Reilly took some well deserved shots at CNN for their misleading coverage of the Ben Carson campaign.

CNN's Brian Stelter really believes that O'Reilly is piling on CNN because of his bullshit story he did on Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly not getting along.

While Stelter seems to obsess on Fox News, he seems surprised when someone at FNC fires back at CNN.

O'Reilly made some good points in CNN's reporting on Carson but, I have a feeling that O'Reilly would have done it evenif Stelter didn't write O'Reilly vs. Kelly story.

As much as that might hurt Stelter's ego.

Here's O'Reilly's take on CNN's reporting: