Loser Trump Breaks Twitter Silence (Update)

Donald Trump's loss was FTVLive's gain.

6 weeks ago we bet a friend that Trump would not win in Iowa and this morning we collected our winnings.

Despite the cable news channels giving him wall to wall of free air time, Trump lost to Ted Cruz. You know somewhere Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes have a big smiles on their faces.

While the Iowa Caucas means next to nothing, talking heads will be going on for days about Trump's loss they many of them predicted wrongly. It really amazing how much cable news gets it wrong, yet acts like they never do.

After losing, Trump went Twitter silent for 15 hours before he finally came up with this tweet:

Now let's go back to a Tweet that Trump sent a couple of years ago.

Staying with golfers, Tiger Woods always said that 2nd place was "first loser."

CNN media critic Brian Stelter calls Trump's tweet a smart one:

We're now guessing that Stelter is adding political consultant to as role as media critic and snowstorm reporter.

Update: And it only took Trump two tweets to blame the media (which he watches obsessively).