Houston News Managers Fired while the ND eats Lunch

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that both the Assistant News Director and Managing Editor were fired and Fox O&O KRIV in Houston.

KRIV Assistant ND Howard Dorsey and Managing Editor Geoff Roth, were escorted from the building after a manager's meeting.

Word is that KRIV News Director Bob Morford was at the meeting along with the managers. As the meeting broke, Morford informed staffers that he was headed to lunch.

As he left the building, KRIV GM D'artagnan Bebel did Morford's dirty work and fired both managers.

Of course, neither the Deuce nor the M.E. were shocked by Morford's move.

Back in October, FTVLive told you that one Fox O&O News Director sent a memo to corporate, telling them that he could save the company money by getting rid of the AND and the ME.

That News Director was Morford and he sent the email to Dorsey and Roth by accident.

It was an embarrassing mistake to say the least. But, it appears that the Fox O&O went through with Morford's plan anyway.

Morford has been on thin ice with Fox corporate and according to staff insiders, he has lost all respect from the staff quite some time ago.

The station is also handling a sexual harassment claim against a primary Anchor by a Reporter.

"The station is a mess and Morford is the reason, yet they fire the Assistant News Director and Managing Editor," says one staffer to FTVLive.

Welcome to TV news people.