Bank Robber is Arrested Thanks to Cincinnati Reporter

A man accused of robbing multiple banks has been arrested and a Cincinnati TV Reporter is being credited with the assist.

WXIX Fox 19 Reporter Megan O'Rourke requested Erlanger Police Sergeant Jon Sterling to meet her for an interview.

When the Sergeant showed up for the interview, he spotted the suspect driving by in his car. Sergeant Sterling sprung into action and clamped the cuffs on the stick up man.

While he got the bust, he made sure to give O'Rourke props for helping out.

"This afternoon Megan O'Rourke from FOX19 asked me to do an interview about the recent robberies in NKY. Had it not been for Miss O'Rourke asking me to come out I would not have been on the road this evening, would not have seen Zachary Prince of Elsmere, and wouldn't have had the chance to stop him while he was back in route to his residence. Thanks to all the officers that backed me up and to Erlanger Dispatch for sending me officers so quickly. Right place right time and a lot of great coworkers. I hope we helped save time and energy for everyone involved. This was a team effort by EPD and all the other agencies that got their info out so quickly and efficiently. I think Megan has a pretty cool news story for tonight," Sterling said.

And the fact that it was the Feb book made it just that much cooler.