Tegna Station is Going to Pay Viewers to Play with Their Balls

Tenga's WLTX (Columbia, SC) is going to pay viewers $50 to play with their balls (wait! isn't that illegal?)

The station says that on January 19, they're going to put 19 footballs with a gold WLTX logo and signatures of our anchors at landmarks around the 11 counties in the WLTX viewing area.

At noon, they will post those secret locations on WLTX's Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram pages.

So what happens if you stumble across the station's balls?

If YOU are the FIRST to find a “golden” football, you have two options says the station's website. 1 - Take the football and keep it as a souvenir.
2 - TAKE the football, BRING it to the WLTX Studios to win a $50 FIRST Prize and REGISTER for the Grand Prize of $519, AND keep the football as a souvenir!

So let's get this straight, the station wants me to drive all around town looking for a football, then when I find it, I have to drive to the station all for just $50.

Forget that, I can stay at home and play with my own balls.

Just saying....