Fired in Cleveland

WOIO News Director FredD’Ambrosi continues to clean house at the one time Action News and now (the boring) Cleveland 19.

This week, D’Ambrosi called web producer Meg Greene (he’d already demoted her from EP) into the office, and canned her.

After Greene heard the words, "You're fired" she says, "I heard the words and not much else. At that point there were simply lips moving to the sound of the blood pumping in my ears. My focus was on trying to understand the vagary of why."

Greene was well liked at the station and insiders said that she was good at her job before and after she was demoted.

After Greene was sacked she was escorted from the building by station security. " I held my head high in the knowledge that I had worked hard, learned so much and achieved a great deal in the year since I moved into the digital department, a change that was not presented to me as a choice," Greene wrote in a blog post about her firing.

"That pride cannot be taken from me in a tiny office with no windows," she added.

Greene is the latest to get fired from the station, but sources tell FTVLive she is not the last.

As for her thoughts post firing? Green writes, "As much as I would like to believe my absence will cause the news beast to tilt I've been in the business long enough to know that that's only a bitter fool's daydream.  Those who still report to work every day will get it done because it has to be done. I know. That's usually the side I'm on."

There is no question that this woman gets it and we have a feeling she will be finding work again real soon.