Child Neglect Investigation Against News Anchors is Closed

Back on May 13th, FTVLive told you that WPTV Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone and her husband, WPBF Anchorman Paul LaGrone were being investigated for child neglect. 

The West Palm Beach newsies were being looked at by Florida's Department of Children and Families after neighbors reported that one of the couple’s two children was routinely left alone to roam their streets.

Well, it appears that this was more about revenge and jealously then it was about neglect and now the investigation has been closed. 

And although the results of the six-week probe are not being released to the public, Katie LaGrone told Gossip Extra that DCF found no indication their actions as parents are dangerous for the children.

“Yes, our case is closed,” she said. “There is no recommended course of action. As we expected, DCF found no indication of danger or neglect. We are raising our children in a loving and safe home. Our family has already moved on from this.”

Sounds like a neighbor was trying to make some waves were there weren't any.