Palm Beach Anchor and Reporter being Investigated for Child Neglect

It seems like the perfect story for May ratings....

A well know couple in the community are being investigated by Florida's Department of Children and Families after neighbors reported that one of the couple’s two children was routinely left alone to roam their streets.

It's the story where you can have the Reporter knock on the door and demand to know why these kids are roaming the streets with no one watching them?

But, you will not see this story on Palm Beach TV news.


Because the well known couple that is being investigated are WPTV Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone and her husband, WPBF Anchorman Paul LaGrone.

Gossip Extra writes that West Palm Beach cops were called to the LaGrone’s home twice May 7, at noon and 2 p.m.

The second time, the officer brought a DCF case worker with him.

The couple rents a house in the gated resort community just east of I-95.

A neighbor of the LaGrones who asked to remain anonymous said someone tipped off DCF that the LaGrones allegedly leave their child unattended.

The tip spelled out how Jacob, their 6-year-old, is often seen running around the gated community alone.

The DCF tipsters also said the child’s been nearly hit by cars and is known to ask adult residents to play with him.

At times, he is invited in his neighbors’ homes allegedly without his parents knowing where he is.

Katie LaGrone said she and her husband were totally blindsided when a DCF case worker and a police officer showed up at their house about 2:30 p.m.

“We do let our child play outside,” she said. “He’s got parameters and he’s fully aware of them. He is a healthy, active 6-year-old who does exactly what I or Paul did as children. We also played outside.

“We are cooperating fully with DCF, and WPTV has been very supportive.”

The LaGrones spent Sunday afternoon going door to door on their streets to ask neighbors if they have concerns with their actions.

A DCF spokeswoman confirmed that there’s an open investigation against the couple but said she is unable to provide additional details due to confidentiality laws.