Best Male Anchor Hair in Every State

Anyone that works in TV News knows, the male Anchor is very particular about his hair. Many have learned that if you touch the hair, you die, or at least get a very stern look. 

The website (don't ask us how we stumbled upon the site) has looked at every market in every state and has named the best male Anchor hair for each state. 

We have to give huge props to KTVA Photographer Andy Nitchman (pictured), who took second place in Alaska.

Yes...a Photog made the list. Get Good Head wrote that, "Alaska didn’t have a large list of newsmen with great hair, so we had to look just outside on-camera talent to find our runner-up. But we’re sure you will agree that Andy has quite the head of hair.Andy Nitchman is a photojournalist for CBS 11 News. He is the only non-reporter/anchor on our list. If you don’t like it, then avert your eyes." They then added, "We found that most of the cameramen in Alaska had better hair than their on-camera counterparts. What’s up with that?"

If you want to check out the full list and we know every male Anchor will, you can do so here.