Ummmm... I Wouldn't Do that

The weekend fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao brought in millions of dollars for the pay TV companies.

The fight brought in more money than any pay tv event in history. 

But, a couple of TV Reporters were streaming the fight for free to those that logged onto their Periscope accounts.

Never mind the fact that it was a clear violation of copyright law and if the pay TV people go after the Reporters, it could get ugly quickly for them.

Alexis Mitchell from WBTV in Charlotte streamed a portion of the fight on Periscope and so did KSL's (Salt Lake City) Shara Park.

WRC (DC) Reporter Mark Segraves did not stream the fight on the app, but he did point out in a tweet that he was watching it for free using Periscope.

No word if he was watching another Reporter's feed?