GLAAD Cautions Reporters on Bruce Jenner Interview

ABC announced yesterday that Diane Sawyer's 2 hour (yes 2 freaking hours) interview with Bruce Jenner will air on April 24th. 

The interview was taped back in February and it is expected that Jenner is going to talk about changing from a man into a woman.

But GLADD is warning the media not to jump the gun.

They released this statement:

Really?! ABC isn't giving Bruce Jenner 2 hours to talk about the Kardashians, I can assure you. 

CNN Media Critic....errrrr Correspondent Brian Stelter says that, "for Sawyer, the Jenner sit-down is the biggest scoop since stepping down from ABC's "World News" last summer."

If landing Bruce Jenner is a "big scoop", then you know everything that is wrong with Journalism today. 

I could care less if Bruce Jenner is transitioning from a man to space alien, I'm not watch, don't care to watch and shame on ABC holding this crap for months and then giving it two hours on their air.

I can assure you it won't be 2 hours of my life wasted, because I promise you, I won't be watching.

As for GLADD's warning to the media? That too is a bunch of bunk. Of course Jenner is going to discuss his transition to a woman.

I won't watch, but I will bet anyone that thinks it will be something different.

Just saying....