The Boring Life After TV News

FTVLive has published a number of stories about people quitting their gigs in TV news and heading into PR.

We're sure many of you have also thought about making that jump. Well, before you do, let's look at one newsie that is now living the PR life. 

WTNH Anchor Chris Velardi made the jump from TV news to PR after spending 15 years in the former.

While he doesn't come out and say it, it appears that just a few weeks in and he's already bored.

In a blog post, Velardi talks about his new life and it doesn't sound very exciting.

He writes, "It feels different.The routine, the atmosphere, the job. It’s all different. Not bad -- not bad at all -- just different."

Different how?

"The atmosphere is the quiet," he writes, "Newsrooms are not quiet. At all. There’s TV noise... police scanner noise... people talking, laughing, shouting, etc. noise. Here, it’s pretty quiet. I’m trying to counter that by streaming something, anything through my computer. I’ve always been able to concentrate better when there’s noise... the quiet freaks me out!"

And then there are the meetings. "There’s a lot of important communication between the team here at GBPR and our many clients. We work for them and with them on a variety of projects. So there are weekly conference calls, daily emails, and plenty of status report meetings," he writes.

"Deadlines are very different. Sure, some are immediate. But many are weeks, months, even years down the line. TV newsroom aren’t great at long term planning -- and they’ll admit it."

TV news may not be great at long term planning, but I'll take the chaotic atmosphere, poor planning and the craziest of TV news over PR any day of the week.

But that's just me. 

H/T Brandford Patch