CNN to Start Running Ads on their Ticker

Since CNN has basically given up doing real news, the cable network has now decided to start running ads in the news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the screen.  

It used to be that CNN thought that mixing editorial and advertising too closely could foster a perception that CNN’s journalism was swayed by a sponsor. But now that Jeff Zucker is in charge,  it's basically anything for a buck. 

CNN now says that it open to the idea of running an advertiser’s logo in its bottom-of-the-screen zipper, so long as the appearance is tailored appropriately, said Katrina Cukaj, executive vice president of CNN ad sales.

As CNN watches ad revenue sink, they are looking for a new ways to bring in money.

In 2013, the network took in $319.8 million in ad revenue, according to data from market-researcher SNL Kagan. In 2014, that total fell about 10.7% to about $285.4 million. SNL Kagan projects CNN ad sales will decline about 4.1% to approximately 273.5 million in 2015.

How long before we see Anderson Cooper anchoring his show in a NASCAR style sport jacket?

Stay tuned.... 

H/T Variety