Drunk Man Busted for Jumping in News Car

WLZ in Baltimore had crews covering the winter storm and even sent out the "Mobile Weather Lab."

The "Mobile Weather Lab" and Reporter Mike Schuh were setup in front of a grocery store, the same store where Baltimore County police got a call for a report of an intoxicated man in the store yelling at customers.S

Schuh reported that police asked him to leave the store, but on his way out, he jumped into the station’s Mobile Weather Lab.

It seems there is a law against drunk guys going into a Mobile Weather Lab and the man was arrested. But not before he left a half gallon of unopened ice cream in the MWL before he was arrested. 

Which means, now if there are some chocolate chips in the vehicle, it could turn the Mobile Weather Lab into the Blizzard Mobile.

Never mind if you don't get the joke.

Let's go to the video: