Covering planes crashes in remote locations make it very difficult for TV stations. There is never much information in the beginning and when the info finally does come in, there are no pictures to back it up.

When word came down that one of the pilots of the Germanwings aircraft was locked out of the cabin before it crashed into the French Alps, both CNN and NBC went to the cartoons.

It seems that both NBC and CNN did not figure that viewers were smart enough to know what a pilot locked out of the cockpit looked like, so NBC came up with this:


CNN's cartoon was even more odd as it shows the pilot (who looks like a cross between RobCop and a Ken doll) knocking on the door in a very odd way: 

NBC had the pilot knocking with his left hand, while CNN had him weird knocking with his right. Maybe they should leave the cartoons to the Cartoon Network and just deliver the news.

Just saying...