Back to Duluth

Most people that work in a small market like Duluth, put in their few years and then move on to bigger markets, never to be seen again.

There there is Edward Moody.

Moody left Duluth in 2007,  but now is coming back.

He will be a weekend Anchor and Producer at KBJR starting April 4th.  

"It's like going back home," Moody said. "That's where I learned how to be a journalist. To come back to Duluth to where I started and to basically do the only thing I know how to do for a living, I'm a very fortunate person."

Moody left KBJR for a job at WHAM in Rochester, N.Y., and then went to WXIN in Indianapolis. 

Since returning to Minnesota, Moody said, he had been splitting his time between living in the Twin Cities and Duluth, where his longtime partner lives.

Moody was at WCCO in Minneapolis for two years and left at the end of the summer. After 10 years in the business, Moody said, he re-evaluated his priorities and decided to put his personal life ahead of his career.

"I looked around and I didn't have the relationship with my family that I wanted and I didn't have the friends that I wanted and needed in my life," Moody said. "I had devoted so much time and energy to my career and moving around in my career, that my personal life took a backseat and, 10 years in, it was noticeable."

Moody said he and his partner decided his next move wasn't going to be for a job, it was going to be for his life. They decided to make Duluth their home. For the past six months he's been enjoying the North Shore, spending time with their pets and cooking, he said.

"I wake up every morning and I'm lucky enough to have a great view of Lake Superior," Moody said. "I look out at that lake and it gives me everything I need from that."

H/T Duluth News Tribune