The Bizaro Cable News World

There is no doubt that cable news can't break their Donald Trump addiction.

If you watch one network in particular, though, you saw a ton of Trump - almost twice as much as you saw of Clinton. And if you watch another leading network, you will have seen as much of Clinton as you did of Trump, and almost nothing about Clinton's liberal challengers.

That Trump-loving network is CNN.

The one that talks a lot more about Clinton is Fox News.

Wait! What?

The Washington Post writes that Clinton will end the year having nabbed about three-quarters of all the mentions of Democrats across all national news networks, according to Internet Archive data rounded up by the GDELT Project. Trump will end up with two-fifths of the Republican mentions, despite entering the race halfway into the year, and despite competing with a dozen other serious candidates for airtime.

It's not entirely a fair comparison, because Republicans in general are getting more TV time than Democrats this cycle, but Trump is beating Clinton by about 40 percent in total mentions for the year.

Half of that advantage comes from CNN's infatuation with Trump.

Let's look at a chart of mentions of the candidates on cable news:

Rubio and Cruz, like Clinton, can direct their complaints to CNN, which has mentioned Trump this year more than every other Republican candidate combined. Only one other major network comes close to that level of Trump favoritism.

It's Comedy Central.

If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about CNN, then I don't know what does?