What Would Happen if........

Donald Trump has been enjoying all the free advertising her gets from the media.

While other candidates are paying for commercials and ad space, Trump has not needed to spend a dime to get his face on TV.

Trump claims his campaign is going to buy ad time, but let;s be honest, he doesn't need to. If Trump goes somewhere the cameras will follow.

You would think that Trump would love how the media has put his giant ego on TV so much.

But, speaking in Hilton Head, Trump told the crowd, "Those guys back there, the media, they are the worst."

Trump smiled as the cheering crowd turned their eyes to the media.

Trump claims to hate the media, he bashes the media, yet the media keeps covering him.

What would happen if the media all agreed to stop sending cameras to Trump's rally's? What would Trump do? Would he start bashing the media for not being there?

He does that when they are there.

Seriously, if Trump hates the media so much, why doesn't the media just stay away?

Also, if the media is, "the worst" which he claims they are, why would he spend of penny of his ad dollars supporting them?

Without the media, there is no Donald Trump and yet the media is fine with Trump pushing them around and telling them what to do.

How about the next GOP debate, don't invite Trump. He always says he is thinking about sitting out the next debate or making some kind of demand....it's time to call his bluff.

The media has let Trump bully them around long enough, it's time the media takes a stand.

But unfortunately, we all know that is never going to happen. 

But it's almost a new year and we can dream can't we?