Philly Reporter Headed to Vegas Anchor Job

Although Scripps is not quite ready to announce this yet, we thought we would.

Sources tell FTVLIve that Scripps owned KTNV in Las Vegas, has hired Todd Quinones as their latest M-F AM anchor.

Quinones is coming to Sin City fromKYW in Philly where he was a Reporter. Quinones has been at the CBS O&O since July of 2001.

He will start at KTNV in Mid-January, but we are not sure yet what Anchor role he will play. Will he move to the ‘Breaking News’ desk, or will they move either Dayna Roselli or Beth Fisher into that role?

Roselli joined the station a little more than a month ago, Fisher, on the other hand, was renewed into a part-time role this past summer.

Sources tell FTVLive that Jessica Janner is being re-assigned from the ‘Breaking News’ desk, to Traffic, which will displace Micah Manalo.

Manalo will continue to act as senior producer for Vegas Morning Blend. 

A lot of different moves coming and expect Scripps to announce them in the coming weeks. In the meantime, don't tell people where you heard it.

It's supposed to be a secret.