Sinclair Manager is Murdered

The Buncombe Co.(North Carolina) Sheriff's office is investigating a shooting that killed a Sinclair Executive.

Tim Fry, a longtime employee of WLOS and a regional Sales Manager forSinclair Broadcast Group was gun down in his home over the weekend.

"We did hear gunshots around 8:00 last night. There was at least two, maybe three gun shots," said Bryan Payne, a neighbor told WLOS.

Cops arrested Robin Richardson, who also lived in the home and was Fry's girlfriend. She has bee charged with first degree murder.

"There was like tons of police cars everywhere, they had the do not cross tape across the driveway, and there were tons of policemen standing around," said McKenzie Benson, another neighbor.

Deputies say they found one person dead in a home from an apparent gunshot wound.

A Buncombe County medical examiner has confirmed that Fry was shot multiple times in the chest. He says the wounds came from a 12-gauge shotgun and an autopsy is scheduled for Today.

The investigation is ongoing. Richardson is scheduled to appear in court on Today as well.

The general manager of WLOS, Jack Connors, issued this statement after Fry's death:

"It is with an enormous sense of loss that I have to inform you about the tragic death of a long time WLOS/WMYA employee, Tim Fry.  Tim was shot and killed last night at his home in Arden at around 8 pm, according to information from the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office.  47-year old Robin Richardson is in custody in connection with the case and has been charged with first degree murder.