Hmmmm...That Name Looks Familiar

This is the time of year when it seems that every dance school, high school and elementary school put on some version of the play "The Nutcracker". 

KMOV in St. Louis picked a dance school in Belleville to highlight their version of the Nutcracker.

First of all, is this really news? And second, why did KMOV pick this particular school. 

But then FTVLive watched the story and it all started to make sense. 

We noticed that one of the young girls interviewed in the story was 9 year old Milana Thouvenot. 

That is an interesting last name Milana has there. In fact, it's the same last name as KMOV News Director Brian Thouvenot.

You don't think? way a station would be doing a front office special while still in November ratings.

Would they? 

The story made no mention that this was the News Director's daughter. So it might just be a coincidence. Right? 

The KMOV story posted online also included a link to where for $18+ you can see the play yourself. 

So, was this a news story or a commercial?

I'm confused.....