Oh Yeah....It's Sweeps

Sweeps is that special month for TV News Anchors.

It's that time of year that Anchors tell us about their personal battle with cancer, alcoholism, depression and some other "isms".

It all done during ratings because TV stations think that viewers care about their anchors and what goes on in their lives. 

But, one New Orleans Meteorologist  decided to take it off during November ratings. 

WVUE Meteorologist Bob Breck threw all vanity aside and ripped off his rug for ratings.  

Viewers had never seen Bob without hair on the air. He says he's been bald on top since his 20s.

But now with advances to making the bald un-bald, Bob Breck is tossing the toupee for good. 

WVUE took almost 7 minutes of last night's newscast to show bald Bob take it off. 

If this doesn't win an Emmy, I don't want to live anymore.