Back to U

A couple of Dallas newsies got together and made a funny video poking fun that themselves and TV news promos.

KTVT Anchor Doug Dunbar did a parody for a TV Anchor school called "Back to U" in which it shows you how to do all the cheesy Anchor poses and crap you see in TV news promos. 

He then tosses to KDFW's Clarice Tinsley who is sitting amongst a pile of Emmys and other awards and she pokes more fun at the business. 

The video made a brief appearance on YouTube yesterday and then it was pulled. 

Now, we are fairly certain KTVTV or KDFW would have the video pulled and censor something like that..... right? Or did it hit a little to close to home?

FTVLive is posting the video, under the fair use guidelines, for all of you to see and enjoy.