Former Boston Sports Anchor Sues Golf Course

Former WBZ Sports Anchor Bob Lobel is suing a local golf course that told him he can't play there.

Lobel uses a Solo cart, which is used by golfers will disabilities, so they can still enjoy the game.  

But Woodland Golf Club in Newton will not allow Lobel to use the cart at their course, claiming it causes damage to the course.  

So now, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lobel is suing the club.

“It is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and it is also covered by a variety of state and federal civil rights acts and equal accommodation and equal access acts,” attorney Jeffrey Denner says.

The club issued a statement saying, “The golf cart caused significant impressions and tears on the greens…. Damage to our greens represents an unreasonable burden to hundreds of members.”

Lobel says the problem is much deeper.

“This came from, I’m convinced, a lack of understanding,” Lobel says. “Then it went to a willingness to not understand.”

Lobel says this is not about the greens or the fairways or the bunkers, he says this is all about access for somebody with a disability.

Here's the story WBZ did on issue: