Boston Station to Add More News

WCVB in Boston is adding news to both sides of it's evening newscast.

The station announced that it is adding a 4:30PM newscast and a 7PM newscast to their lineup.

WCVB GM Bill Fine says the anchors who host the evening NewsCenter 5 shows will add to their responsibilities, although the exact mix hasn’t been decided. The group includes anchors J.C. Monahan, Phil Lipof, Heather Unruh, and Ed Harding as well as meteorologist Harvey Leonard and sports anchor Mike Lynch.

“We’re going to be utilizing everybody we currently have on staff,” Fine says. “They’ll just be doing a little bit more news, earlier and later.”

Fine says the driving force behind the schedule changes was his desire to start a 7 p.m. newscast, to cater to harried commuters.

“We’ve always had nasty commutes in Boston, but it’s worse now,” Fine says. “I see traffic jams everywhere I go. The quaint notion that [everyone gets] home by 5 for dinner or 6 for dinner just doesn’t make much sense.”

H/T Boston Globe