NFL Network Says Sorry for Showing Nude Players

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that the NFL network showed a number of naked players of the Cincinnati Bengals, while doing a post game interview in the locker room.

Now, the network is saying sorry, but some players say that's not enough.

The AP reports that NFL Network executive vice President Alex Riethmiller said during a conference call Monday the crew didn’t follow network procedures that would have prevented it.

“It is a regrettable mistake by a production team, and one where we’ve already done a pretty thorough review of the procedures and processes that were dropped along the way to make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” Riethmiller said.

Left tackle Andrew Whitworth was one of those shown. Whitworth, who is the team’s union representative, said Monday the league should restrict media access to prevent it from happening again.

Now imagine if this was the Women's World Cup soccer team's locker room. They are interviewing a player and a number of naked women are seen walking around in the background.

You know the shit would hit the fan.

Whitworth and other players think it is time for this to end. “It’s just not right,” Whitworth said. “There’s no office, there’s no other situation in America where you have to do that. It’s dated, it’s old and it needs to change.”

“This is a big issue to me,” he said. “I’ve pressed this issue before with our union and the fact I think it’s wrong. This is my office space. I shouldn’t have to change in it and be in front of people I don’t know or really don’t have any purpose for being near me other than the fact they are interviewing other people.”

Whitworth also said a player’s children would have to deal with comments at school and on social media about their father being shown undressed on television.

“It’s wrong,” he said.