Indy Anchor M-I-A

Sources say that an Indianapolis Anchor was suspended for a newsroom violation. 

WTTV Morning Anchor Nicole Pence is off the air for what she says is "maternity leave". But sources tell FTVLive that she was off the air for another reason a bit earlier.

Pence, you may remember is the Anchor that was let go by WTHR for " ethical violations" back in 2013.  

Now, sources say that Pence was reprimanded again at her new station WTTV. One source says that Pence was called on the carpet for copying a story from the competition's twitter feed. 

The source says that Pence was suspended from the station and then it appears the suspension led right into her maternity leave. Pence is over 7 months pregnant with twins. 

Pence who tweets several times a day, went Twitter silent for 5 days from October 10 to the 15th. 

The station has made no comment on Pence's punishment.