Megyn Kelly Talks about Feud with Donald Trump

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly is a bit surprised that Donald Trump flew off the handle and spent weeks after the first GOP debate attacking her at almost every chance he got. 

Kelly says she was shocked by Trump's reaction to her debate questions and that she never expected a feud with the giant ego'd Trump. 

“It’s clear we may have overestimated his anger-management skills,” she said during Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

Kelly said she wasn't singling out Trump and had asked tough questions of all the candidates during the Fox News debate.

“Sorry, you put yourself into this,” Kelly said of the Republican hopefuls.

“You have a job to do, which is answer tough questions,” she added. "I have a tough job to do, which is ask them.”

Kelly argued on Tuesday that her tough questioning helps Republican contenders fix their flaws before the 2016 general election.

“That’s what I get paid to do — anticipate the candidates’ weaknesses and poke them,” she said. “It’s not like I was looking to make an example out of Donald Trump.

“They were tough questions [and] no one was given a pass,” she continued. "Some of them were hard to ask.

“You don’t want to embarrass anyone with their weaknesses, but by the same token, these people want George Washington’s job,” Kelly added.

H/T The Hill