The Hotties of South Florida News

The Miami New Times did another one of those demeaning stories on the hottest Anchors in the market. 

You know, the story where the news people publicly diss the story and talk about how degrading it is, but quietly just love the fact that they are on the list. 

The New Times writes that South Florida is still home to the most head-turning female TV reporters in the nation. That's why it's time for another list of the ten hottest women delivering the news. After all, they work in a medium that places a high priority on being ridiculously good-looking while reporting stories.

WTVJ has a couple on the list. One is Pam Giganti, who FTVLive once worked with. Pam is beautiful for sure, but she is also a great person and in the end, isn't that what really counts. 

Also on the list is WTVJ's Traffic Reporter Kelly Blanco.

Surprisingly, not making the list was WFOR's Jim DeFede. Of course maybe that's because his Photographer has it out for him and has been shooting him at bad angles that make him look fat.

Of course, you want to see the rest of the SoFlo hotties and who else is on the list. Here's the link.