You Don't Know Jack

This morning FTVLive told you that a story on this website was the focus of a recent meeting between the GM's of the Fox O&O stations.

As we reported, sources tell FTVLive that Fox O&O boss Jack Abernathy asked the General Managers about this story that was posted on FTVLive.

Back on October 7th, FTVLive told you that one Fox O&O News Director was trying to suck up to his bosses and wrote and email to them saying that he could save his station money by eliminating the Assistant News Director and Managing Editor positions at the station. He said they could get by with just him and the Executive Producers. 

The problem was, when the ND went to send the email, he sent a copy to the Assistant News Director and the M.E. 

Our source says that Abernathy asked the GM's in the meeting, which News Director the story was about?

After our story this morning a number of people sent us emails about how much FTVLive gets under Abernathy's skin?

One former Fox station executive wrote us saying: 

"You should know Abernathy hates you. Whenever you had a fox post when I worked in the station there would be an inquest led by the Corp PR folks. Shari (Berg -SVP Fox Stations) would counsel everyone to keep there mouths shut."

Now...... FTVLive has never met Jack Abernathy and we certainly don't hate the guy in the least. Why he hates us, since we have never spoken or met is perplexing to say the least?

But it seems that Fox Stations are not fans of FTVLive. A couple of Fox O&O News Directors, who are under strict orders NOT to talk to FTVLive have told us that they have been asked about their relationship with this website and if they have talked to us?

Sources say that the O&O's only like the websites that publish their press releases and don't dig around for the real story.

That's defiantly not us.

But either way, we still don't hate Jack, because we don't know Jack.