Miami Photographer in Trouble for Making Reporter look Fat

Word is that a News Photographer is in hot water for making one of the station's Reporter's look "fat" on air.

The Reporter is WFOR's Jim DeFede and here is a picture of him. 

Now, how the hell the Photog is supposed to make DeFede not look fat is the million dollar question?

Gossip Extra reports that that Photog Muhamad Hassan was called into a meeting with Human Resources recently.

Twice over the past month, they told him, the camera angles on DeFede stories shot and edited by Hassan were making the big guy look, well, big and unkempt.

“Muhamad was asked to stop the first time by a producer who claimed he’s been doing it on purpose,” one inside source tells us. “Apparently, it happened again and it seems they’re trying to fire him over it.

Sometimes when you think you have heard it all in this business.....