ESPN Tells Staff to Ignore Bill Simmons Story

FTVLive told you that ESPN's Bill Simmons went off on his podcast calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a lair in a in profanity-laced tirade.

Simmons challenged ESPN to suspend him for his remarks and the network did. He's off the air for 3 weeks.

But if you're tuning into ESPN to see more on the story, good luck. ESPN has told it's employees not to say anything about Simmon’s suspension.

According to TMZ, ESPN’s on air talent were told explicitly not to discuss the issue: “On a corporate level, they told us not to talk about it." 


So far, it seems the warning is working, at least on Twitter. ThinkProgress examined the Twitter accounts of over 100 ESPN employees checking for tweets about the Simmons suspensions between the time the story broke on Wednesday night and the time of this writing. No one at the network has discussed the suspension on twitter. Two ESPN employees, Howard Bryant and Jemelle Hill, have mentioned the incident in passing on twitter, responding to tweets that accused ESPN of unjustly suspending Simmons and protecting the NFL. Both employees defended ESPN’s actions. 

There has been speculation that the suspension was driven by ESPN’s close relationship with the NFL.

In other words, ESPN is so scared of the NFL they are telling their reporters to quit reporting. 

H/T Think Progress