Fox News Interviewed "Fuck It" Reporter

Former KTVA Reporter Charlo Greene is still soaking up her 15 minutes of fame with an appearance on Fox News.

In an interview with FNC, Greene discussed legalizing marijuana in Alaska and whether or not the decision to quit on the air was beneficial.

Regarding the reason for cursing on air, Greene stated, “That was just off the cuff. As a journalist, you’re not supposed to take a stand on an issue either for or against it regardless of what you actually feel. You can’t voice your opinion. I was stepping away from that career. For the first time in my life, I was going to be able to start speaking my opinion. In that moment, that was my truth – “F” it.”

When asked whether she did this just to get her “15 minutes of fame,” she replied, “Absolutely not. We’re talking about marijuana reform aren’t we?”” 

KTVA said that they fired Greene after she quit (huh?), but FTVLive has learned it is not the first station she was sacked from. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Greene was fired from WOWK in Charleston, WV for falsifying her time sheets and other problems. 

Greene has professed her love for pot and continues to work to make it legal in Alaska.

Her former employer KTVA is still trying to recover from the embarrassment the former Reporter caused the station.