On Second Thought, We'll Delete That

In June of 2013, the University of Richmond proudly profiled one of their alumni, Carlo Dellaverson on the school's website.

Dellaverson was a class of 2006 journalism grad who went on to work at CNBC and NBC News.

The university’s story noted that Dellaverson “has to be on top of breaking news [and] makes sure NBC breaks news as it happens, whether it’s on social media or ‘old-fashioned’ breaking news email alerts.”

It's always great when one of your grads makes a name for him/herself. 

But, after Dellaverson was busted by police this week for secretly making a video of his girlfriend having sex with him on Valentines Day — and posting it on a porn web site, the  University of Richmond quickly pulled down the story from their website. 

Looks like the U of R is not as proud of Dellaverson as they were last week.

H/T Romenesko