Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Scripps would soon be announcing that KTVK News Director Cameryn Beck was going to leave the station and join Scripps in a corporate role.

After the FTVLive story was posted, the folks are Scripps started acting quickly to get out a press release to confirm the news that FTVLive already reported.

The folks at Scripps were kind enough to send us the PR release on Beck, but we have to wonder about something they wrote in the last paragraph. It said:

Before moving to KTVK in early 2013, Beck worked at KOVR in Sacramento, California, from 2005-2013, serving as the news director, an assistant news director and executive producer. While at KOVR, she developed its brand “Asking questions, getting questions,” helped reinvent its newscasts and grew viewership in all key demographics. She also focused on creating cross-platform opportunities using the station website and social media.

"Asking questions, Getting questions"????

Maybe that's what is wrong with local news now-a-days.

Just saying....