Sinclair Gives up on 3 Stations to Make the FCC Happy

Sinclair really wants their deal to buy WJLA and the Allbritton stations to happen.

How badly do they want the deal to go through.

Sinclair says that it was surrendering its licenses for three Albiritton stations in Charleston, S.C., and Birmingham, Ala., because they failed to find a buyer for them.

Sinclair's original intention was to operate the three stations through sidecar companies and joint and shared services agreements. But, the FCC crackdown on sidecar ownerships and Sinclair is now looking to just give up on the 3 stations. 

Sinclair said it was making the move to win speedy FCC approval of its deal to buy Allbritton Communications. That deal could unravel if the approval doesn't come by July 28.

Stay tuned....