Out the Door in Phoenix (Updated)

Phoenix sources tell FTVLive about changes going down at KTVK.

Word is that Yetta Gibson is out as AM anchor of Good Morning Arizona. Insiders tell FTVLive that Gibson was on maternity leave and the station opted to not renew her contract.

Also, Bruce Haffner has been grounded. The 30-year employee and chopper pilot was told he is no longer flying/needed.

The status of the station remains murky. KTVK was one of the BELO stations that was sold to Gannett. Gannett was going to pass off the station to Sander in a sidecar deal, but then decided to sell the station to Meredith. 

But the deal seems to be moving very slow and many staffers are wondering what is going on? 

Stay tuned... 

Update: Gibson's agent says that she was offered a new contract, but she and her agent declined the offer.

An email went out to the staff from News Director Cameryn Beck saying that she has decided to spend more time with her family. We're guessing the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

Here's the email:

From: Beck, Cameryn
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:48 PM
To: KTVK News
Cc: KTVK Leadership Team
Subject: Changes

I always preach that family comes first.  And that couldn’t be more true for one of our own.

Yetta Gibson has decided to take a time out from news and remain at home with her family. Yetta contributed great work to KTVK over the last several years.. always with a smile and a special spunk.

We will miss her and wish her the best!

Cameryn Beck
Executive News Director