Alaska Station Runs over 16,000 Political Ads

Now matter how sick you got from watching political ads, thank God you don't live in Alaska.

Anchorage station KTUU ran more than 16,000 political ads and a whopping 13,200 for just the Senate race. 

KTUU president and GM Andrew MacLeod says it was a combination of things, including the station's strength in local news.

"The ad load reflects a perfect storm of sorts on major races and issues on the ballot in Alaska," he told Broadcasting and Cable, "coupled with the station's unparalleled audience strength as Alaska's news leader." 

"The station's history as a news leader that is constantly improving its products pays off when a political season heats up," he adds.

"Pays off" for the station for sure, but the poor viewers are bombarded with this crap. We're guessing that the GM can't see that over the huge pile of money on his desk. 

Just saying...