FTVLive Live McDonald's Parking Lot

This morning's FTVLive is coming to you from a parking lot of a McDonald's just off I-95 in Vero Beach, FL. 

I started updating at the hotel, but the WIFI was so slow that Monday's updates likely would not have been done until Thursday.

So, I drove to a McDonald's which was not even open yet and leached off their WIFI, while sitting in my car in the parking lot. Sadly, McD's WIFI isn't much faster than the hotel. 

I am on the road for the Today and Tomorrow and after the this update, FTVLive will be handing it off to the FTVLive Intern.

We are making the Intern work the Today and Tuesday and then after he cooks our turkey on Thursday, he will be free to go home and join his family for the Holiday weekend.

We will be back in the world HQ on Wednesday.

Now, let's get on with this morning's news.