Officer Darren Wilson Talks Off The Record with Network Anchors

It appears that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson has had off the record conversations with a number of network anchors about doing an interview.

Wilson has not been seen since he shot Michael Brown in the middle of a Ferguson street. But, it appears that Wilson is getting ready to tell his story.

It appears that Wilson is looking for a sympathetic ear that he can tell his side of the story to. Reports say that Wilson met with Matt Lauer, George Stephanopoulos, Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

Lemon tweeted out that he met with Wilson:

Cooper also tweeted that he met with Wilson and that he will not be getting the sought after interview:

No word if Wilson had reached out to Fox News, but it seems like Sean Hannity would be a no brainer choice for the suspended officer.

Just saying....