Woman Claimed She was Raped After Al Sharpton Birthday Party

FTVLive told you last week MSNBC's Al Sharpton had a birthday party, that you had to pay up to $25,000 bucks if you wanted to attend it.

One woman that attended the party, claims she was raped afterward.

Gawker writes that a prominent New York attorney is under investigation after he allegedly raped a woman he met at  Sharpton's birthday party last week. 

The woman came forward this week claiming she woke up in a drunken haze to find 70-year-old Sanford A. Rubenstein penetrating her.

At some point, the alleged accuser awoke naked, with at least one used condom nearby, a police source said. She recalled drinking and going home with Rubenstein, but did not remember giving consent, the source said.

It was not immediately clear when the alleged victim went to the hospital, but a police source said she was bleeding and a rape kit was administered.

Rubenstein contends the sex was consensual and a "source close to the powerhouse attorney" told the NY Daily News that they had sex again the next morning. 

NYPD officers executed a search warrant on Rubenstein's house Sunday, apparently looking for an object he may have penetrated the woman with. 

The woman—an executive at Sharpton's National Action Network—reportedly met Rubenstein at Sharpton's birthday celebration at the Four Seasons Wednesday. 

"I consider both of them a friend," Sharpton told the New York Times. "I sent her an email today. My heart is with both of them that the truth come out."

So, let's get this straight....

A woman that works for you and you consider a "friend" is possibly raped by someone she met at YOUR birthday party and you send her a freaking email?!

Michael Brown, you never met was shot and you flew all the way to Ferguson and stayed for days.

Oh...that's right! There were no TV cameras at the scene of your friends "rape".