Jeff Zucker: It's All Good

Many think that Jeff Zucker is single handily ruining CNN.

Zucker has been criticized for the way CNN now covers news and for the fact that they cover much less news that ever before.

People inside and outside CNN have lambasted Zucker for his actions. Why does he think about all the criticism?

“People talk a lot more about CNN today,” he said. “I’m a big believer in ‘It’s all good,” he says in a NY Magazine article. 

Zucker might work at CNN, but the guy lives in fantasy land.

According to  the article CNN Anchor Jake Tapper vented to colleagues about having to cover the George Zimmerman trial so extensively, and star Anderson Cooper protested the MH370 missing plane marathon. 

Outside the network, the chorus of Zucker’s detractors has grown even louder. In March, not long before Vice Media entered into ultimately unsuccessful talks about taking over HLN, Vice co-founder Shane Smith slagged CNN in the Daily News: “Everything they do is a fucking disaster.” In April, Saturday Night Live mocked Zucker’s missing-plane coverage with a fake commercial for a CNN-branded pregnancy test that constantly updates with no information. In July, Jon Stewart announced a $10 billion Kickstarter campaign to buy the network. 

Zucker responds to the attacks with a mixture of bluster and prickliness. “I don’t take Vice seriously,” he said. “They produce 15 hours of television [a month]. We’re going to do that between now and tonight.” Jon Stewart, too: “We’re on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He’s doing one seven-minute monologue four nights a week with 20 writers.”

When SNL’s Lorne Michaels called to give him a heads-up about the plane sketch, Zucker told him to just make sure they spell CNN right. 

It's all good....