BriWi: If I knew I was Going to be an Anchor, I would have Fixed my Nose

NBC's Brian Williams is not a fan of Twitter, the Nightly News Anchor has never sent a tweet.

But, BriWi did take time out yesterday to do a chat on Facebook. He answered the hard hitting questions, like this one:

Viewer Kate Silveira said her three-year-old son wanted to be Williams for Halloween (and was Lester Holt last year). She asked for advice on how to pull it off.

WILLIAMS: "Best advice: have someone break his nose, so it heads off on a weird angle (KIDDING...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. ATTEMPT AT SELF-EFFACING HUMOR DUE TO BROKEN NOSE IN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL) but seriously ... if I'd known I was gonna work in television I wouldn't have settled for having my nose put back into place...after being broken by the bridge of my helmet ... with two popsicle sticks on the sidelines. Other than that: tell him to rock a good tie and walk around saying we'll look for you right back here tomorrow night."

You can read some more of the Q&A at NBC's website