Dan Rather's State of the Media

Dan Rather, who's just happy that someone still wants to talk to him, spoke on a panel about the state of the media.

As expected, Rather still is not a fan of the Internet. "The Internet is the greatest opportunity for the manipulation of news and outright propaganda that has yet existed, greater than television, greater than radio, greater than film," Rather said.

Rather also weighed in on CNN's over the top coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner.

"This is part of what's infected the business," he said. " ... In a desperate effort to grab the ratings and what they see as the demographic high-brow, they'll run it into the ground."

Rather was asked by a crowd member for his take on the current slate of broadcast news anchors.

"They have the goods," Rather said, noting that he knows all but newly minted ABC "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir.

"They want to walk in the steps [of legendary anchors like Walter Cronkite]. They want to keep the flame burning," he said. "But it's extremely difficult for them to do so under the circumstances."

Poor Dan is still trying to be relevant, but it's getting harder and harder for him to do so.

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