100 Days and Counting.....

  Terri Hernandez Rosales

Terri Hernandez Rosales

Tonight at 5PM, it will mark 100 days since KNBC Spokeswoman Terri Hernandez Rosales promised to call us back "in 2 minutes."

We called Rosales back in October to confirm a story that we broke (which by the way, FTVLive was dead on with the story) and asked us for some quick information.

Rosales told us she was headed in a quick meeting, but would give us a call back in two minutes.

That was 100 days ago and we haven't heard from her since.

The clock continues to tick away on the bottom right side of this page until she calls us back. Above it is the Sean Hannity moves to Florida clock.

Hannity made the claim that he is sick of paying New York State taxes on the millions of dollars that he makes and he's moving to Florida. 

The Hannity clock ticks on until Hannity's moving van crosses into the Sunshine State.