How I Work - Micah Johnson

FTVLive heads to Phoenix and catches up with TV Agent Micah Johnson to see just how he works.

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Location: Phoenix, AZ - Honolulu, HI

Current gig: President & CEO of MediaStars

Current computer: MacbookPro (2013)

Current mobile device: iPhone

One word that best describes how you work: Constantly

What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without?

Twitter, SiriusXM, Klout, SlingPlayer, QuizUp

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?

There are other gadgets besides those? Hmmm…. the remote control on the WorldHQ Executive Spa.

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What's your workspace like?

Organized chaos

What Music are you listening to?

‘Spa’ on SiriusXM whenever a client or Exec requires ‘talking off the ledge’.

What's your sleep routine like?

Sleep? Approximately 1a-6a.

Best Advice you Ever Got?

“It’s only TV."

Best Thing About your Job?

Helping people achieve their goals, grinding out an ‘impossible’ deal, and working from wherever I want.

Worst thing about your Job?

Not having an MD in psychiatry so I could charge more money.