The Weather Channel's Push to Stay on DirecTV

The Weather Channel is clogging many people's Twitter feeds with their push to stay on DirecTV.

FTVLive told you that TWC and DirecTV are in a retransmission pissing match and it appears that the satellite company is not scared to drop The Weather Channel from the line-up.

DirecTV and it's parent NBC has been taking the fight to Social Media, to try and win over the viewers and bring them over to their side.

Even Al Roker has been enlisted in the battle:

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.49.43 AM.png

There is one problem with Roker's tweet and his thought process. He's acting like The Weather Channel's coverage helps save people when nasty storms hit.

Obviously Al doesn't have DirecTV, because he would know that when it starts raining, DirecTV's signal drops and can't be watched.