Ummm Yeah...They Went Too far


When KTSM Adrienne Alvarez was arrested at her home for domestic violence, KVIA was licking their chops.

The station thought they had a sensational story that would bring in viewers and make the other station look bad. 

It backfired and the only station looking bad was KVIA. 

Viewers saw the story as an attempt to kick Alvarez while she was down. After the viewers let KVIA have it, the station starting apologizing for their tabloid journalism gone wrong. 

"Well last night we aired a story about KTSM's Adrienne Alvarez. It was a misguided attempt to provide someone accused of wrongdoing a chance to explain her side of the story. However, we exercised an error in  judgment. That type of report does not meet our standards for ethics or journalism and what you've come to expect from ABC-7. We assure  you this has been a learning experience for those involved. We apologized at the end of yesterday's newscast and we apologize again tonight."

One viewer posted a mug shot of former KVIA morning weatherman Jorge Torres, 
who was arrested in January on the station's Facebook page.

Torres was busted on a public intoxication charge, which was later dismissed. KVIA officials responded by stating they aired a story about Torres' arrest, and that a search of their website would result in a link to the story.

The El Paso Times did just that, and could not find the story.  

It is just another example of how stations clam up when one of their own is in trouble. But in this case, the station decided to delight in the troubles of an anchor at a competing station.  

You can't have it both ways, in KVIA had it blow up in their face.  

H/T El Paso Times