Suing the Cable Company


It is one lawsuit where everyone can root for the little guy. 

Three Milwaukee area Time Warner customers filed a class action lawsuit against their cable provider Thursday, seeking compensation for every customer in southeast Wisconsin not receiving WTMJ as part of their cable lineup.

Time Warner removed WTMJ from its cable lineup on July 25 after it failed to reach a retransmission agreement with the Journal Broadcast Group.

The cable company rejected an offer by Journal to continue broadcasting the station while negotiations continued.

The lawsuit, filed in Milwaukee county court, seeks class action status for all customers of Time Warner Cable who no longer get WTMJ

Plaintiffs Include Steven Delonge and Paul Scoptur of Wauwatosa, and Stephen Raymonds of Menominee Falls. They are represented by Scoptur's son at the law firm of Aiken & Scoptur.

"My contract is with Time Warner, that's who I pay," said Paul Scoptur. "They promise to give us Channel 4 and they made the decision to remove Channel 4."

"You call, you complain, nothing happens," said Stephen Raymonds. "We're out the channels we want to watch but we're still paying the same amount of money."

A spokesperson for TIme Warner said he had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment on it.